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Pressure Gauge

A Pressure gauge is used to indicate the pressure levels within a heating system. They can be fitted externally on the pipework or can be built in to an appliance. They can also be referred to as a manometer dependent on the supplier in question. A pressure gauge allows a visual representation of the current pressure within the central heating system.

3480946 Powrmatic 145034302 Hydrometer 2R 61461.00
This part fits...
(inc VAT)
£100.92(inc VAT)
3480944 Powrmatic 145034300 Thermometer 2R 61460.02
This part fits...
(inc VAT)
£100.91(inc VAT)
3480976 Powrmatic 145034562 Thermometer 0-120C. 60017.00
This part fits...
(inc VAT)
£93.28(inc VAT)


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