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Ignition Units for Gas Boilers

Ignition Unit

What is an Ignition Unit?

An Ignition Unit is an electrical part within the boiler that works with the PCB to ignite the burner. When the Ignition Unit receives a signal from the PCB it will generate a high voltage pulse which is then sent and creates a spark at the spark electrode. A boiler may have a Piezo as the spark generator where the ignition is manually done by pressing a button. It is very common for the manufacturers to name the Ignition Unit differently, see the following examples

Alpha              - Spark Generator

Baxi                - Igniter or Spark Generator

Glowworm      - Transformer, Igniter or Spark Generator

Ideal               - Igniter Unit or Spark Generator

Vokera            - Ignition Box


199 results
1179524 Ideal 173538 Spark Generator Kit 173538 H07731
This part fits...
£37.49(inc VAT)
1118132 Baxi 5114766 Ignitor 5114766 H28987
This part fits...
£16.97(inc VAT)
1110074 Baxi 040456 Kit Piezo Ignition Berm 552 040456 183936
This part fits...
£16.82(inc VAT)
1780957 Ideal 175593 Ignitor Unit 175593
This part fits...
£31.16(inc VAT)
1632900 Keston C17234000 Ignitor Kit C40 C55 720918
This part fits...
£37.33(inc VAT)
1250230 Alpha 1.018162 Spark Generator (Cd24S/C) 1.018162 796112
This part fits...
£35.86(inc VAT)
1250627 Alpha 3.013626 Ignitor-Twin Row (Cd24S/C) 3.013626 796113
This part fits...
£37.38(inc VAT)
1333099 Glowworm 801655 Zig Ignitor E84015
This part fits...
£30.12(inc VAT)
1110368 Baxi 042941 Ignitor Piezo Ref 66111 (Vern) 042941 0536939 082192 393734
This part fits...
£15.04(inc VAT)
1116916 Baxi 248097 Igniter With Lead 248097 E66462
This part fits...
£14.18(inc VAT)
1170147 Ideal 003939 Spark Generator 60080/002 3939
This part fits...
£14.58(inc VAT)
1117818 Baxi 5111912 Ignitor Assy 5111912 797598
This part fits...
£18.62(inc VAT)
199 results


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