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Expansion Vessels for Oil Boilers

Expansion Vessels

What is an Expansion Vessel?

An expansion vessel or expansion tank is used on closed heating and hot water systems to reduce water hammer and absorb excess pressure within the boiler. Manufacturers Include Potterton, Grant and Worcester. Expansion vessels are available as a potable vessel or unpotable vessel.

It is important to take your time to find the right Expansion Vessel for your Oil Boiler. We have a large range in stock at Direct Heating Spares and if you are unsure please give us a call.

27 results
2160010 Grant Mpss01 Expansion Vessell Mpss01
This part fits...
£54.48(inc VAT)
1018309 Worcester 87161425050 Expansion Vessel 12L 87161425050, 796063
This part fits...
£105.08(inc VAT)
2160402 Grant Mpss08 10 Litre Expansion Vessel (Vtxcombi21) Mpss08
This part fits...
£67.37(inc VAT)
1015237 Worcester 87161076600 Expansion Vessel 12 Litre 87161076600
This part fits...
£91.00(inc VAT)
1020423 Worcester 87161083890 Expansion Vessell Camray Combi 5 87161083890
This part fits...
£43.33(inc VAT)
2160502 Grant Vbs06 12 Litre Expansion Vessel (26-36Kw) - Flat Vbs06
This part fits...
£52.48(inc VAT)
2160406 Grant Mpcbs70 14 Litre Expansion Vessel (Vtxcombi36) Mpcbs70
This part fits...
£60.85(inc VAT)
2160504 Grant Vbs38 16 Litre Expansion Vessel (36-46Kw) Vbs38
This part fits...
£73.91(inc VAT)
1121984 Potterton 26009157 Expansion Vessel 26009157 8006157
This part fits...
£117.85(inc VAT)
1122958 Potterton 43000701 Expansion Vessel Kit Lynx 1&2 43000701, 10/18659, 430012, 430017, 9076
This part fits...
£132.94(inc VAT)
27 results


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As a leading supplier of plumbing and boiler spares for the uk, here at Direct Heating Spares we strive to help you restore your central heating, boiler or system to full working order by supplying high quality parts, produced by the manufacturers, along with punctual delivery and fantastic customer services across the UK. If this is the part you require for your boiler, it is important to take your time and locate your exact boiler using the table and filters provided. Our UK based offices collectively contain over 200 years of experience in boiler spares and spares distribution. Please feel free to contact us either by phone or e-mail on the details provided at the bottom of the web page. We have a large selection of materials and boiler spares and can help you find availability, prices and part numbers for delivery across the UK. Our distribution warehouse holds over twenty thousand different boiler spares in stock and we have a dedicated purchasing team that ensures our stock levels are maintained to cut down on lead times from ordering direct to any location in the uk. We offer numerous delivery options and can also offer a next day, pre 12 delivery to most parts of the UK. If the spares you require are showing as out of stock or are not listed on our website, please give our UK based sales team a call and we can advise the total price and how soon we can obtain the item for you.