Thermistors for Oil Boilers


The Thermistor can be used in several places around the boiler but are generally located on the flow or return pipes in the lower part of the boiler, inside the combustion chamber or attached to the heat exchanger outlet pipes. The Thermistor is an electrical component whose internal resistance changes with temperature variation. One end of the Thermistor is exposed to the heat source, and the other is the electrical connection. Some boilers have a flow and return thermistor, some also have a thermistor on the domestic hot water outlet pipe. The Thermistor can also be found checking the flue gas temperature on modern condensing boilers. Other common names for a Thermistor are, Temperature sensor or Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) Sensor. They can come as either a clip on sensor, push fit sensor or a screw fit sensor.

3200846 Riello Probe 8-716-110-735-0 87161107350
This part fits...
£12.32(inc VAT)
1021116 Worcester 87161078680 Frost Limit Thermostat El00204
This part fits...
£22.15(inc VAT)
3206387 Riello 3007462 Thermostat 3007462
This part fits...
£18.98(inc VAT)
3200843 Riello Probe For Gs5 8-716-110-734-0 87161107340
This part fits...
£15.22(inc VAT)
1021523 Worcester 87161109460 Tank Stat 501768
This part fits...
£13.20(inc VAT)
1021522 Worcester 87161109450 Limit Thermostat 501767
This part fits...
£15.19(inc VAT)
1021269 Worcester 87161085590 40/90E Stat Pnl Assy Pn61250C
This part fits...
£70.46(inc VAT)
1021117 Worcester 87161078690 Frost Stat El00208
This part fits...
£21.08(inc VAT)


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