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Air Pressure Switches for Water Heaters

Air Pressure Switch

An air pressure switch, also known as the pressure safeguard, acts as a safety mechanism that makes sure there is not a buildup of toxic gasses within the appliance. It ensures that, if the fan fails within the appliance, the combustion process cannot proceed.. The PCB (Printed circuit board) closely monitors the air pressure switch to make sure it is in full working order before the appliance is fired up, preventing the appliance from starting without one of its key safety devices. Air Pressure switches are not present in every type of heater but can be found in some examples. Popular air pressure switches fitted are manufactured by Ambirad.

1160816 Main 5111414 Pressure Switch 5111414 H18953 5111121
This part fits...
£153.76(inc VAT)
1821002 Andrews E961 Rff Air Pressure Kit Honeywell E961 E513
This part fits...
£72.10(inc VAT)
1160813 Main 5111413 Sensing Tubes 5111413 H18951
This part fits...
£17.65(inc VAT)
3200930 Riello Air Pressure Switch - Was A 806 8-716-110-764-0 87161107640
This part fits...
£62.60(inc VAT)
1820660 Andrews Air Pressure Switch Rff 280 B Serial E513
This part fits...
Unfortunately this product is showing as no longer available with the manufacturer; please contact us if you have any queries
1821417 Andrews Air Pressure Switch Csc93 E632
This part fits...
£36.88(inc VAT)
5150702 Benson 28-08-011 Air Pressure Switch - Tubing /Mt 28-08-011
This part fits...
£5.06(inc VAT)
5150500 Benson 29-00-284 Ventor Aps Tube Adaptor 2900284
This part fits...
£5.18(inc VAT)
5150430 Benson 28-40-136 Air Pressure Switch (Aps) 2840136
This part fits...
£48.78(inc VAT)


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