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Pressure Relief & Safety Valves for LPG Boilers

Pressure Relief & Safety Valves

What is a Pressure Relief Valve?

A Pressure relief valve is more commonly known as a PRV, but is also referred to as Safety Valve. A Pressure relief valve is a safety device used on a heating system to discharge excess pressure, The Pressure Relief Valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect the pressure vessel and other equipment from exceeding their design limits. Once normal conditions are restored the valve will close preventing the boiler from losing too much fluid.

It is important to take your time to find the right Pressure Relief Valve for your LPG Boiler. We have a large range in stock at Direct Heating Spares so if you are unsure please give us a call.

1116838 Baxi 248056 Safety Valve 3 Bar 248056 E66425, H25909
This part fits...
£11.66(inc VAT)
1014899 Worcester 87161064310 Pressure Relief Valve 87161064310, H09750
This part fits...
£17.68(inc VAT)
1018163 Worcester 87161424040 Pressure Relief Valve 312438 87161424040, 375699
This part fits...
£12.05(inc VAT)
1018183 Worcester 87161424160 Valve Pr.Rel.1/2 X15Mmx1/8 87161424160, 386789
This part fits...
£9.48(inc VAT)
1019723 Worcester 87161567640 Pressure Relief Valve 87161567640, E27580
This part fits...
£10.14(inc VAT)
1292162 Halstead 450987 Safety Relief Valve E23690
This part fits...
£30.84(inc VAT)
1840167 Ravenheat 5015010 Safety Relief Valve (3 Bar) 372897
This part fits...
£13.80(inc VAT)
1018195 Worcester 87161424220 Pressure Relief Valve - 314439 87161424220, 378810
This part fits...
£13.79(inc VAT)
1020037 Worcester 87174010290 Pressure Relief Valve Dhw 87174010290, H02526
This part fits...
£10.44(inc VAT)
1116836 Baxi 248055 Drain Tap 248055 E66424, E77213
This part fits...
£7.82(inc VAT)
1633450 Keston M0217100 Safety Valve 3Bar 1/2M C25Kit C36 797003 M0217101
This part fits...
£16.30(inc VAT)
1633655 Keston M0217101 3 Bar Prv M0217101
This part fits...
£13.62(inc VAT)


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