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Shower Spares

Aqualisa is one of the UK’s leading shower manufacturers.  Established nearly 40 years ago, Aqualisa has long been at the forefront of cutting edge shower manufacture, design and innovation. Initially successful with its revolutionary thermostatic shower valve, Aqualisa has since pioneered digital showers, as well as continuing to develop thermostatic shower technology and a sophisticated range of electric showers, too. Today, Aqualisa is the shower manufacturer of choice for many installers and a trusted consumer brand. 

In 1977, Aqualisa designed and manufactured a thermostatic shower valve that would change the British bathroom and British showers forever.  Easy to use and install, safe, reliable and designed to combat the nuances of the British plumbing system, Aqualisa’s bi-metallic shower valve revolutionised shower design and shower manufacturing. Aqualisa’s reputation as an innovator of showering technology was sealed and the company’s thermostatic showers swiftly became tried and trusted favourites with installers, retailers and consumers alike. 

The first to market with digital technology, the Aqualisa Quartz Digital pioneered the highly sophisticated showering technology that sees the shower controlled by a remotely sited processor - digital showers have since become an established showering technology in their own right with Aqualisa maintaining its market leader position since that first introduction. Distinct from conventional thermostatic showers, Aqualisa digital showers have become enormously popular thanks to their ease of installation, compatibility with all types of domestic plumbing systems, intuitive functionality and more recently, green and water saving features. 

Proud to be a British manufacturing company with an impressive history, Aqualisa designs and hand assembles its showers in Kent. Designed specifically for British water systems - hard water and low pressure form no challenge for an Aqualisa shower - and as such have developed a strong reputation as the installer and plumbers' best friend as well as a consumer favourite. 

As an award winning shower manufacturer Aqualisa has a unique and dedicated insight into every element of shower design, manufacture and use -  driving continuous innovation and improvement. The latest of which, Aqualisa's Lumi and Sassi Electric ranges, caused a stir across the industry with their designer look and feel - banished are the plastic white boxes, replaced by contemporary glass and stainless steel. 

In addition to designing and developing ground breaking shower technologies, Aqualisa produces a new generation of showers that deliver enhanced performance and improved safety. While Aqualisa showers are tested 2000 times, their features encourage environmentally friendly water usage too; all of Aqualisa’s digital showers have an optional eco-setting and the company’s Harmony shower heads feature an eco-spray pattern that is capable of reducing water consumption by up to 25%.
Mixer, digital or electric, an Aqualisa shower is the ultimate statement of style and quality, from the discerning consumer. 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AqualisaShowers 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AqualisaShowers 
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/aqualisa/ 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/AqualisaShowers 
Houzz: http://www.houzz.co.uk/pro/aqualisa/aqualisa 


7020108 Aqualisa 910314 Handset Holder - Chrome 215002, 910314
This part fits...
£15.08(inc VAT)
7020286 Aqualisa 215020 Varispray Shower Head - White 215020
This part fits...
£51.78(inc VAT)
7020288 Aqualisa 025201 Shower Head - Flexible - Black/Chrome 025201
This part fits...
£50.14(inc VAT)
7020296 Aqualisa 168505 On/Off Knob - White 168505
This part fits...
£11.15(inc VAT)
7020126 Aqualisa 215023 Varispray Shower Head - Chrome 215023
This part fits...
£74.44(inc VAT)
7020276 Aqualisa 235012 Shower Head Assembly - Chrome 235012
This part fits...
£35.33(inc VAT)
7020052 Aqualisa 164517 1.5M Shower Hose - Gold 164517
This part fits...
£123.00(inc VAT)
7020050 Aqualisa 164516 1.5M Shower Hose - Chrome 164516
This part fits...
£26.83(inc VAT)
7020158 Aqualisa 241313 On/Off Knob - Chrome 241313
This part fits...
£10.21(inc VAT)
7020148 Aqualisa 235035 Gripper Ring - 15Mm 235035
This part fits...
£5.57(inc VAT)
7020154 Aqualisa 241303 Pump 241303
This part fits...
£132.04(inc VAT)
7020060 Aqualisa 457701 Fixed Head Arm - 20Mm - Gold (Metal) 457701
This part fits...
£67.87(inc VAT)

Showers can be used in both domestic and commercial properties.There are two main types of shower, electric showers which heat the water as they pass through the unit, and hot and cold feed showers which mix water from an external source such as a combi boiler or storage cylinder.

Manufacturers include Aqualisa, Grohe, Ideal Standard, Mira and Triton.

It is important to take your time to find the right Shower spare for your job. We have a large range in stock at DHS and if you are unsure please give us a call.